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We are a Colombian company dedicated to the manufacture of highly specialized software, solutions primarily focused in the areas of Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence. Constituted by an interdisciplinary group of professionals with extensive experience and recognition in the development of complex systems since the early 1970's.

A characteristic of our work is given by the depth of research and because their results are considered as a generation of new technology and scientific knowledge.


News - Informatic Colombian Prize 2009

In March 2010 our product, FORMWORKER MASTER, has been the winner of Informatic Colombian Prize 2009, awarded by the Colombian Association of Systems Engineers (ACIS), recognition that make us proud and ensures our customers get the best.

For more information visit our Awards section.


In early 2003, after detecting a felt need for advanced computational tool for the industrial construction sector, and based on our experience and knowledge, we began the design and development of software FormWorker Master, a process that has required a high investment in money and in scientific research.

At the end of 2005, we released a first version, which was mainly directed towards the modulation of large aluminum formwork, giving coverage to the systems of both monolithic concrete pour and stages.

A mid-year 2007, we released a second version, which included the modulation of small steel formwork. This second version was extended to mid 2008, with the possibility of modulating curved walls.

We are currently working on a new version that will include the modulation of multiple roofs waters.

GStarCAD 2012

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