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ACIS Informatic Colombian Prize - Rules

The Colombian Association of Systems Engineers (ACIS), established since 1985 the Colombian Computing Award to stimulate creativity and meritorious achievements in the field of systems engineering.

INFORMATIC COLOMBIAN PRIZE is awarded to the person or group of individuals or corporations resident in Colombia who have completed the work in the country of greatest scientific and technical merit in the Technology sector, in the opinion of a jury appointed by the Board Directors of the association for that purpose.

To earn the INFORMATIC COLOMBIAN PRIZE, a work produced must meet the following criteria:

  1. Make an outstanding contribution to computer science as a discipline or field of application: the solution must be of quality and innovative, taking into account the requirements, resources and restrictions, as well as the qualities of other solutions.
  2. Being an outstanding contribution to improving the computing task, and not reduced to make good use of equipment, systems, programs, packages or existing tools.
  3. Possess excellent finish quality, presentation and documentation.
  4. Work should not correspond to an undergraduate or graduate thesis since the prize goes to denote a significant work experience (the arguments are on the other hand other academic areas where they can compete).

Informatic Colombian Prize 2009



Jury Act - 2009

"At work FormWorker Master, the jury highly appreciated"

  1. "The major new contribution to a specialized field such as the formwork construction industry. The system solves complex problems specific to this industry and contributes substantially to the competitiveness and the best service companies in this sector."
  2. "It is an outstanding application of information technology, which has required several years of work by the author, a thorough study of the specifics of the problem, and high creativity and innovation in techniques to solve it."
  3. "It is a highly professional and solid technical basis, with excellent finishing, presentation, documentation and support."
  4. "The author maintains a permanent attention to the new requirements of the formwork industry. Also, the author knows and monitors the international competition in this niche technology, to maintain and consolidate the leadership it has established over the competition."

Certificate - 2009