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Industrialized construction systems with concrete

The system of industrialized construction with metal and plastic formwork, used for the construction of concrete homes and buildings, is a technology with more than a century that has become popular in recent decades thanks to the many advantages: efficiency, to allow construction of a floor per day; great economy of up to 40% in labor costs; facilitates the monitoring and inventory work, minimizing waste; provides excellent finishes; ecological, not using wood; cast monolithic guarantees seismic resistant structure; ease of handling and storage; reusable up to 1,500 times; modularity allows use on different projects; and adaptable to the requirements of the builder.

The system consists of two basic elements: formwork and accessories.

The container formwork for the concrete used and manufactured based on different types of metal profiles, smooth or textured or borders, cut and assembled by welding, there are different types according to use: wall, junction of wall and slab, slab , beam, slab coupling, prop, head, cap doors and windows, etc..

Accessories allow the formwork assembly and hold it together firmly and steadily while the concrete Forge, there are different types depending on their use: pin, pin shaft, wedge, pin clip, tie, aligner, scaffolding, etc..

For more information on this building system, visit Forsa, Metalex, Formesan, Unispan, Foster, Impac, Scimm, leading companies in the sector at South America, Central America and the Caribbean. You can also visit other leading international companies: Symons, Western Forms, Wall Ties & Forms, Outinord, Meccano, Durand, Alsina, Barcons. Then you will see a video about this system of construction posted on YouTube by Wall Ties & Forms.

FormWorker Master system

FormWorker Master is an information system that supports the management of processes within the industry dedicated to the manufacture of metal or plastic formwork, providing coverage and integration across multiple departments within the company such as Business, Engineering, Production, Purchasing, Quality and Accounting. It is also useful for construction companies that use metal or plastic formwork, allowing them to advance independently of the modulations and prequotes of formwork and accessories for their projects.

The GIF system belongs to the category CAD / CAM, with extensive use of robotics and artificial intelligence, actively participating in both the design with automatic modulation, such as manufacturing with the explosion of raw materials.

The main functions of the FormWorker Master system are:

FormWorker Master system advantages

The following advantages characterize the FormWorker Master system:

FormWorker Master technology platform

FormWorker Master product family are computer software for Windows platform.

The two presentations of the system work with any engine databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, etc..